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All you need to know about Flyboard Dubai 2020

Dubai as a tourist destination is typically synonymous with extravagance, seven-star hotels, huge shopping malls, and exhilarating amusement parks. It might come as a surprise to some that Dubai, due to moderately calm waters of the Persian Gulf, is additionally home to some of most extraordinary adventure water sports. One that has taken the world by storm is – flyboard Dubai What is flyboard What is flyboarding? Moderately basic - tie on a powerful water-jet board up your feet, take to the waters and let the power of the jet assist you to soar into the sky and perform feats that one could dream of. The structure of a flyboard is like that of a snowboard, for the absence of anything remotely near to flyboarding that is moved into the air by pressurized streams of water from underneath. Where precisely is "underneath?" Well, under each foot is a committed jet pack that is fed water through a long tube, the opposite finish of which is associated with a jet ski. The water goe